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Paralegal Spotlight: Key Traits Shaping Success in Legal Services

With a robust growth rate of 14%, the demand for paralegals is projected to result in 45,800 job openings annually from 2021 to 2031. Several factors contribute to the sustained expansion of this field, notably the ability of trained paralegals to handle tasks traditionally managed by attorneys at a more cost-effective rate for clients or employing corporations. For those considering the recruitment of a paralegal, it is imperative to highlight the following soft skills in the job description:


A paralegal's dependability is crucial for meeting deadlines and efficiently executing duties. Even in a remote work setting, their role significantly influences case outcomes and client satisfaction.


The capacity to anticipate needs and address issues proactively is invaluable. A proactive, self-starting paralegal enhances any legal team's overall effectiveness..

Excellent Communication Skills 

Given their interactions with lawyers, clients, and various stakeholders, paralegals must possess strong communication skills. Active listening is particularly crucial for understanding assignments and responding appropriately.

Technical Proficiency

Comfort with technology is imperative for a paralegal. Proficiency in using case management systems, document sharing platforms, virtual conference software, and communication tools is essential for efficient legal support.


The legal industry is characterized by rapid changes. An exceptional paralegal should be adaptable, quick to grasp new information, and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

For those seeking an outstanding paralegal with the aforementioned traits, consider exploring EM Virtual Services. Our network offers access to paralegals available for part-time or full-time engagement, with an immediate start date. Notably, there are no recruiter fees associated with our services. To learn more, please contact us at

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